The sustainable way of working, digitization, information and knowledge management requires a thorough preparation. It starts with making good descriptions, calculations, plans and proposals. Collaris Consultancy has extensive knowledge and experience in preparing, organizing and supervising various forms and expressions of policy in the field of the sustainable way of sharing knowledge, digitization, process and information management. Collaris Consultancy provides consultancy services to knowledge intensive organizations.


Strategic Consultancy services
 The sustainable way of sharing knowledge concept: Vital @ Office;
- Governance, Risk, Compliance & Audit to Records and legal regulations;
- Application Management (BiSL and ASL);
- Optimization of work processes;
- Review administrative organization;
- Soll-ist analysis;

Tactical Consultancy services
 Knowledge / Information / Record Management policies;
- Consults Knowledge / Information / Record Research services;
- Consults Digital Preservation policies;
- Consults Metadata Management policies;
- Training services;
- Workflow configuration and implementation.

Operational Consultancy services
 Knowledge / Information / Record services;
- Digital Preservation services;
- Metadata Management services;
- Advanced compression techniques for images;
- Appoint to the statutory retention periods;
- Archive according the legal regulations.