Collaris Consultancy is an organization for sustainable ways of sharing knowledge developed from the idea that technology frees people to be independent of time and place to work. The function of the office changes from processing to meeting place.

Accept the challenge to join with Collaris Consultancy beyond conventional solutions to watch. Tailored to your long term strategy, clients and consistent with major developments in society.

Where the branch talks about working concepts, we speak in jargon about Vital @ Office. A well-defined and implemented Vital @ Office gives identity to an organization. A clearly defined Vital @ Office ensures natural ‘flows’ in organizations which decreases the need for rules. This sustainable way of sharing knowledge ensures that reducing complexity to simplicity. The service of Collaris Consultancy focuses on helping organizations to get this done. This provides Collaris Consultancy from different roles.

Different roles Collaris Consultancy operates from different roles, the client to decide what role. Roughly, we distinguish three roles, all of which are called Vital @ Office: they represent the development and implementation of the sustainable way of sharing knowledge.









Vital @ Office Consulting Collaris Consultancy as a consultant. Collaris Consultancy analyzes the concept of sharing knowledge in the organization and develops a concept design for the three areas. Then we remain as an advisor for the project.

Vital @ Office Design Collaris Consultancy as a consultant and architect. We work our proposal for the three spaces in a design specification and a schedule of requirements. Implementation let to other parties.

Vital @ Office Collaris Consultancy as a consultant, architect and implementer of change. In this role, we implement the sustainable way of sharing knowledge in your organization, obviously in close collaboration with our client.