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Collaris Consultancy


Collaris Consultancy has a broad view of multimedia, legal, technological and socio-cultural developments. Organizing work has become more dynamic because the work place today is largely independent of time and can be performed. Not only the physical space rather than act, but also the virtual space allows us to work to perform.

The growing importance for organizations to share knowledge in a sustainable way. In addition to multimedia, legal and technological aspects are also social and environmental considerations an important role. The aging of society also ensures that an organization the more its profile as an attractive employer and space and inspiration to meet the aspirations of the worker of the future.

Tactical Solutions services
– Information Management policies and analyse services
– Digital Preservation Management and policies
– Analysis, configuration, implementation and Application Management services

Operational Solutions services
– Web Applications services
– Multimedia & Communications solutions
– Media research & monitoring services
– Online Digital Accessibility and Preservation services
– Conversion/ migration services